/ We Use KLIENT to Implement the Best Business Processes for You \

The Best PSA Solution, Directly Within Salesforce

When you work with us to optimize your business processes, we work only with the most innovative and reliable technologies available. Klient is built 100% native on Salesforce and is designed with you, the customer, at its core.

And because Drakya is a certified Klient Implementation Partner, we know how to work with the technology – instead of against it – to get you the best results.

/ Automate Your Business with Klient and Salesforce \

Klient integrates seamlessly with all the tools required to achieve your digital transformation.

  • Deliver client projects on time and within budget
  • Gain visibility on all the resources at your disposal so you can manage them effectively
  • Streamline logging of time, expenses, and billable hours
  • Automate your invoicing and billing processes
  • Gather valuable insights on the profitability metrics of a project
  • Improve collaboration across your teams
  • Mitigate against loss and inefficiencies
  • Minimize wasted time and learn from your successes


Ready to optimize your business?

/ Obtain a Complete Professional Services Automation Suite \

Everything you need to manage your business – all in one platform. No more altering back and forth between project management, proposals, expense tracking, billing, resource management, and more when you work with us to integrate Klient.

Manage Your Projects From Start to Finish \

Klient’s intuitive and complete project management tools allow you to manage any project with ease. We help you adapt Klient to your specific project management needs.

Achieve Complete Visibility with Team Collaboration \

With Klient, you can synchronize your Salesforces tasks to give everyone across your business the visibility they need to operate smoothly. You can manage tasks at any level, from personal to team to project.

Flexible Time & Expense Management \

Never lose track of you or your team’s time on a project again. We’ll help you implement Klient’s time and expense management tool so that you can track billable or non-billable time on tasks and projects. You can also track costs and bill rates to create accurate bills for your clients and let nothing fall through the cracks.

/ Optimal Resource Management \

Use every resource to its maximum potential by planning and scheduling them thanks to Klient. By working with us to implement resource management with Klient, you’ll have an at-a-glance view of your resources that you can easily update with the click of a button at any time.

Boost Your Profits with Project Accounting \

Track everything in Klient: rate cards, costs, bill rates, and customizable client invoices. With proper tracking, you can make sure every project is profitable.

Close More Deals with a CPQ Solution for Service Organizations \

Together, we’ll implement your Configure, Price, and Quote solution so that you can easily create service proposals, branded quotes, statements, and work. You can also sync your proposals with projects and sales opportunities to help you close more deals.

increase retention with survey \

When you understand your clients, you can learn from them and take the right actions to build long-term customer advocacy. With Klient surveys, you can easily create NPS, CSAT, and free-form surveys to analyze your clients’ feedback – without requiring a separate survey tool.

Collaborate and Engage Directly with Customers and Partners in Communities \

Project success relies on tight collaboration with your customers and partners. We’ll ensure you have a watertight collaboration platform within Klient so you can share project status information, share invoices with clients, allow your partners to track time and expenses, and work directly on projects and tasks with the level of transparency you need.

/ World-Class Productivity \

We’re more than just technology partners

our goal is to guide you in business management, best practices, strategy, and more as you perform your digital transformation.


During the entire process, we prioritize integrity and transparency above all. so that you are in control at all times. That’s why we work with you to forge honest relationships where open conversation can flourish above all.

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/ The best service experiences are built with Klient \

Klient PSA is the customer-centric PSA developed to build long-term customer relationships through improved customer experiences and better services delivery.

Built 100% native on Salesforce, Klient PSA is designed with customers at the core, providing a way for project teams to work hand in hand with customers from sales through service delivery.

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