We run your entire business on one platform

The best way to achieve growth is to provide your team with the proper technology to attain unity and increase collaboration between your business units. By running your entire company on a single platform you will gain in productivity, streamline your operations, optimized your processes and it will give you the visibility needed to take the best decisions to reach your business objectives.

Drakya has partnered with the best applications on the Salesforce™ platform to help professional services companies run their entire business on a single platform and achieve growth!

We help Professional Services companies grow their business


✓ Plan your growth

✓ Improve profitability

✓ Forecast your backlog


Project Management

Resource Management

Backlog and Forecast



Your implementation partner is the key to success

At Drakya we have your best interest at heart. We are not looking for new customers we are looking for new business partners. We will be together throughout this digital transformation with one goal in mind, help you achieve growth.

With business strategies at the center of our implementation we will guide you through this journey. We will configure the platform to optimize your processes while coaching and training your team so they can master the system to gain in agility, productivity, visibility, profitability and unity.

Let's Grow Your Business!

We know your industry, we want you to grow and be efficient. We are totally transparent and we always give straight answer. Don’t hesitate to reach out!



Let's do it!